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The Sims 2 Store – Exclusive Downloads for Free

Yesterday I made a post about The Sims 2 Store, which, in my opinion, is just a way that EAxis promoted paysites – because the new store is nothing more than just a new paysite. Anyway, I was in doubt whether the objects won’t be somehow protected, but luckily it seems I was wrong.

MATY has decided not to share them, but Internet is much bigger than just MATY, isn’t it? I found a site called Free Sims Store Stuff where you can download the exclusive downloads that are not included in any stuff packs.

What seems rather funny to me is that Maxis and EA Games were making nice gestures against paysites only few months ago but now they’ve become one. I must say that I liked stuff packs more than this. After all, stuff packs are available for everyone and everywhere. When we think about it, The Sims games are for kids and do all kids have credit cards to buy stuff on-line? I don’t think so. Also, from what I read on MATY, the objects will cost much much more that all stuff packs together. And I think that’s the worst thing about it.

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did you succeed in downloading the stuff from that site? I didn’t, I mean, it doesn’t come up in the game when I’m playing. Any help?

By Thalia on 08.27.08 17:56

Thalia, I didn’t have any problems with the stuff in my game. Are you sure you put it in the right folder? Or did you look at the right places in the game? As much as I know, the hairs show up fine.

By HannahSpring on 08.27.08 20:56

You are right there is no problem with the hairs. The furniture on the other hand doesn’t show up in the game. I’ve put everything in the “downloads” folder.

By Thalia on 08.28.08 12:05

It seems you’re right. The furniture doesn’t show up in the game. But unfortunately I have no idea why. I’ll try to ask other people, but I can’t promise I’ll find out. Watch this topic for responses.

By HannahSpring on 08.28.08 13:45

Hey, I really hope someone knows why this problem occurs. I live in Europe so even if I would want to pay for it, I can’t get that furniture set. (Its USA and Canada only) I’m watching this topic everyday!

By Thalia on 08.31.08 11:25

I’m also from Europe so I have the same problem as you. I’ve started a topic at MATY, watch that one instead. If there won’t be any answer, I’m sorry, but I can’t help you with this problem. :(

By HannahSpring on 08.31.08 13:08

I still didn’t have time to try the objects in my game, but try this these download links. The objects should work find and should be fixed. Also, try to put them here: C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2\TSData\Res\Catalog\Bins\EA Store. Good luck!

By HannahSpring on 09.01.08 22:08

have you got the
Colour Enabler Package on your PC?
If not you can download it frim mod the sims 2) (you need to sign up but its free and cool so yh do it it may be the solution th ya problem (Colour Enabler Package bay be refered to as C.E.P or CEP)

Hope it works

By cloz0802 on 01.02.09 14:18

Just a note, the Free Sims Store will be accepting and linking to Sims 3 Store items as soon as possible. Email any files you buy to sims3store@trashmail.net

By fugitivechrist on 05.31.09 17:24

thnx i ben lukin 4 dis

By Muffin on 08.15.09 21:01

hello, ive been trying to download fromthe sims 2 store but im from the UK so it dosent work, any help?

By Chocolatequeenonice on 09.02.09 20:05

Chocolatequeenonice, I’m worried that the links have expired. Sorry. :(

By HannahSpring on 09.02.09 21:58

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