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Apartment Life: New Comic Strip – New Pictures

Here are the newest pictures from Apartment Life. Again, the story is a little bit… erm, boring but it’s a nice showcase of what you should expect – especially when you look at the new objects, which seem quite nice to me. Anyway, you can read the comic strip in German and in English for now.

Nighttime – The cutest. Sleepwear. Ever. by Ninika (MTS2)

Ninika from MTS has created really cute sleepwear for your females. There are 6 new PJs in different colors and prints. Really nice!

Two Hairstyles Based on One Mesh by XM Sims

Flora has created another nice hairstyles. Both of them are based on mesh. Download them here and here!

Skins for Adult & Teen Females by Vintage D

Vintage D has created new casual skins for adult females (1 skin) and teen females (3 skins). Visit the site to download!

Beach Lot with Shops by Simlishe Welt

Simlishe Welt has made another great beach lot for your Sims with lots of shops. It cost about 170,000 Simoleons and it’s fully furnished (also with CC) and landscaped.

Walt Disney’s Mulan: Mulan and Li Shang by Denise (MTS2)

I’m sure that all Walt Disney’s fans will most likely like this update by Denise – Mulan and Li Shang as Sims. Mulan is made in three looks – casual, formal and soldier.

Sunbathe Anywhere – Global Hack by treeag (MTS2)

Do your Sims want to sunbathe in the garden? No problem – Sunbathe Anywahere hack by treeag will make this happen!

New Skirts & Tops for Adult Females by Fog (SimSvět)

New Fog’s downloads include two skirts – one with footless tights and one without them, and three new tops - pink with dots, black with prints and the last one with stripes.

CD Racks, Ethinc Paintings & Other Freebies by SIMcredible! Designs

SIMctedible updates with new CD racks and new ethnic paintings. Also, the new donation set includes some freebies.

Two Sets of Lipsticks in 8 Recolors by PeggyZone

Pegy brings today two sets of lipsticks – one with teeth and one toothless.


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