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S4S Info: We Have a New Category – Chit-Chat with Artists!

Greetings Simmers, I’d like to inform you about our new category on Spring4Sims. It’s called¬†Chit-Chat with Artist and as the title says, it’s going to be all about talking with people from all around the community.

I was thinking about what to bring to my site and then this came up to my mind. I think that everyone wants to know something more about people who are behind the stuff that is created for us. There are so many talented creators in the community, so why not to get them know better?

The first interview featured on Spring4Sims is made with Dave from SimGuys.net. I’m sure most of you know Dave and love his work. Make sure you read the article and post a little comment!

I hope you’ll enjoy this new section. If you’d like to get interviewed, feel free to email me at HannahSpring(at)gmail.com. Don’t worry, I don’t bite. ;)

Wicker Loundry Baskest by Fairywitch’s Sims

I fell in love with these laundry baskets. They look so natural and so real at the same time, don’t you think? SIMply amazing. And useless clutter is always good.

Greendale Apartments – Extra Cute & Beautiful Place by Lifestyle for Sims

I think I’ve just found a place for me and my boyfriend – we’re definitely going to move to¬†Greendale Apartments. And no, don’t try to explain me that they only exist in the Sims 2 – I’m going to get them built! No matter how much it would cost! :D

Gothic Dress in Four Colors by Under Your Skin

Some Gothic moods getting right Under Your Skin? These new clothes in four colors will definitely fit any Gothic lady!

The Sims 3: Sims Can WooHoo at Work, Evil Sims Can Steal Candies from Kids! (MTV Article)

This info about The Sims 3 is going to make you drool. And want the game more. So, what’s the great news that should turn you on? According to associate producer Lyndsay Pearson, the customization is going to be very good. If you’re one of the people who like to torture Sims, you can still do that in The Sims 3.

But what is the hot shiny new info? Sims can now WooHoo at work! Yep, that’s right. And they might even get caught! Sims won’t be able to WooHoo in places such as parks or schools (EA tries to keep it teen-rated for sure). Sounds like a lot of fun to me. But what’s even more fun, is that evil Sims can steal candies from babies. Call me crazy, but I like evil Sims. They’re so much fun to play with; and I’m sure The Sims 3 will bring a whole bunch of activities for evil Sims. :P

Read the article here!

Leyris Nursery Recolors (7 Sets) by mirake (TSR)

Mirake has finished all recolors for Leyris Nursery (meshes here) – there are seven more color styles to choose from:

Schwabing – Historical Building (Residential Lot) by Sims 2 Houses

Site Sims 2 Houses continues with building real houses from Munich. This one is real must-have – there’s a flower shop in the first floor and the other two are made for living. Don’t you just :love: it? Download it here!

Super-Romantic Floral Outfits in Pink by Liana Sims

Wow, seems like Liana was in super-romantic mood when creating these outfits. Laces, floral patterns, warm pastel colors – all featured in two new outfits for females.

American Way No. 113 – Cozy House by larsson1970 (MTS2)

And now it’s time for something a little retro – American Way No. 113, a house built by larsson1970 will definitely make a nice living for any Sim. The house just looks so cozy!

New Living Room Recolors by SimControl

SimControl brings new recolors for the latest living room meshes posted only a few days ago. Now you can get new color options in light green and zebra print.


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