Spring4Sims – The Best Finds, Downloads & Hints for Your Sims





Oriental Walls & Floors by CC4Sims

CC4Sims updates with another oriental walls and floors! Good for those with Bon Voyage or community lots like restaurants. Visit CC4Sims to download!

Burj Bathroom pt. 2 by senemm (TSR)

I really love this Arabic style by Senemm. His/her downloads look so beautiful and I just with I had enough time to build an entire neighborhood in Arabic style. Not sure if I can make it, but still I can download the second part of Burj Bathroom.

6 Uni Gym Locker Recolors to Match Pets Atomic Set by Lord Darcy (MTS2)

This is maybe a bit of an odd download by Lord Darcy, but still I find it were useful. S/he’s created new recolors for Maxis dresser to match the Atomic Kitchen set. I think I’d use them for a gym, how about you?

Layered Tees for Toddler Boys by fanseelamb (MTS2)

When I look at these cute boys, I wish I had kids right now. (But I guess I have enough time for them yet.) Fanseelamb has created new casuals for toddler boys, which come in solid and patterned colors.

Modern Apartments & Residential Lot by Sims 2 Cri

Sims 2 Cri has updated with two new lots by BlackOrchid. There are new apartments and a residential lot in a very contemporary style. They’re really good, I like this kind of lots!

Summer Outfits in Dark Colors with Shorts by Ros-Sim’s 2 Mod’s

Although it’s getting cold outside and these are a bit-ish summer clothes, I really love them! After all, it doesn’t matter if they’re summer clothes anyway – Sims have summer most of the time, right?

Extra-Cute Kids’ Bedding Collection by Purplepaws (MTS2)

Yay! Aren’t these beddings super-cute? Like the cutest beddings ever? Sure they are! There are lots of cute patterns and animals on them, just take a look and download them right away!

Three Bikinis in Yellow & Blue by Liana Sims

Milano from Liana Sims brings three new bikinis for females! The colors of yellow, orange and blue will surely suit any female!