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Two Models Including Miss Sims2Cri 2008 by Sims 2 Cri

Sims 2 Cri brings two new models today: Dafne Mondan made by Bluesky and Miss Sims2Cri 2008 – Nescia Tommassini. Both are very beautiful, aren’t they?

Apartment Life Historical Objects Recolors by CC4Sims

Like the historical furniture featured in Apartment Life EP? I do! Some of the pieces look very nice. And it’s good to see some recolors for them by Christine, too. :) Visit CC4Sims to download!

Maxis Bookshelves Recolors & Hair Recolors by Piggi’s Sims

Piggi’s Sims brings a big update this time. Amongst various bookshelves recolors, there are also some new hairs.

Perfect Mini Vacation Lot by Pathetique (MTS2)

I’m always amazed with oriental lots and mini lots that come with no custom content. They’re easy to use and download, too. You can download one by Pathetique here!

Four Glitz & Glam Formals by Liana Sims

Seems like Liana wants the ladies to rock! After all, there’s no reason why not. These formals will make any female look pretty. Download here!

Alpha-Skirt Mesh with Recolors by fakepeeps7 (MTS2)

Fakepeeps7 at MTS has created another set of alpha-skirts, now for girls. They’re a good choice for skinners or for those, who just need new skirts for girls. :)

Chit-Chat with Artists: Antonio from Coolsims – I Hate Using SimPE!

Antonio is a very talented creator. He’s been creating for his own site, CoolSims, for some time and with every mesh he’s getting better! He comes from Spain, studies in a high school and has been playing the game since The Sims 2 Pets was released. To know why he prefers creating hairs and how he’s learned to create all that awesome stuff, go on reading!

Spring4Sims: Hello, Antonio! First of all, let’s talk a little about yourself: can you tell us how old are you and what do you do in real life?
Antonio: Well, I’m 15, and I’m a student of high school.

Spring4Sims: How long have you been playing the game?
Antonio: Hmm, my first game was The Sims Unleashed, since then, I’ve bought all the other games. So… many years. :D


Long Hair with Fringe Pulled Back & Side Ponytail by Noukie Sims

Wow, I’m really excited to see a good hair like this! I can see all my females in the SimCity wearing it, haha. Good work, Nouk!

Modern Living Room with Lots of New Meshes by CalalilySims

Oh, I haven’t seen such a lovely sideboard for a while! But the whole set is really nice, isn’t it? If you like it, you can get it here!


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