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True Blood Characters by LL30 Sims

It seems like fanseelamb has stared a new craze for True Blood. Not that I wouldn’t be happy – I love that show! (Like any vampire-related show, haha). I really don’t know who’s been made better – Sookie looks cute as always, but I think I like the mysterious Bill the most. But I think that even if you don’t know these characters, you must agree they are really nice. :P Download them all HERE.

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Glad you like them, you should try reading the novels the show originates from!! A great read indeed and you get a better back story on the Vamps too!

- Keely

By Keely on 03.10.09 00:18

Yeah, I was just thinking I could buy the the books from Amazon. People say they’re really good. :)

By HannahSpring on 03.10.09 18:48

Hey any chance these would work on the sims 1? I’m looking for sims 1 true blood mods cause my sims 2 game isnt working witch ep that good anymore. Thanks. Please email me at zach316@hotmail.com

By Hillwood on 06.17.09 01:16

I wonder if you could make them for Sims 3, or if they would work for Sims 3?

By Bri on 07.18.09 02:06

NOOOOOOO!!!!!! the link doesnt work!! OMFG!!! can you get that fixed, if it isnt too much to ask? >_>

By MJ on 05.09.10 16:28

The site is down, but the former co-owner has her new site here: http://sixamsims.livejournal.com/. Try to ask her, Keely, if she could reupload the Sims for you again. I’m sure she’ll try to help you.

By HannahSpring on 05.09.10 17:15

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