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The Sims 3 – Leaked?!

There have been plenty of rumors about The Sims 3 being leaked on the Internet. First messages claiming that there’s a full download of The Sims 3 started to spread about a month ago, but were later labeled as false and in some cases, they were just viruses.

But now The Sims 3 has gone gold and the Internet is getting crowded with new messages that there’s a full version of The Sims 3. Yeah, the real pirates have gone wild. Of course, I’m not including any links, because I don’t support piracy, but I’m sure if you google things a bit, you’ll find it somewhere.

However, I’m not going to lie that I didn’t make any searches. Although , this news is somewhat exciting, even though I plan to wait till it arrives to my door. People in comments of various sites claim the game works perfectly with no glitches and bugs. Interesting. What might be a proof showing it is the real game is that the links are slowly going down – perhaps EA has started to solve this problem.

One of the reasons why the game spreads so fast is probably due to no real protection – we already know the game will be protected only with serial number, but some sources claim that it’s safer to disconnect from the Internet while installing the pirated version.

The funniest thing about this is that even Spore was leaked before it’s official release and of course, where else would the pirates get the game from if not from EA itself? I think someone will get fired, some people will download it and will never buy it and some will download even though they’ve already pre-ordered the game. And the rest will wait impatiently for June 2nd. I just hope that this won’t inspire EA to include some nice DRM protection in the next EP. 

After all, the game would get online sooner or later. And the fact that it’s out earlier won’t make the real pirates buy the game anyway.

TS3: New Ad, 2 Videos & Pictures of Sunset Valley

If nothing more, you should at least see the first video. The new ad is really nice, if I ever watched TV and lived in the US, I think it would be my favorite ad ever. (Well, right after the Mac & PC ads, of course.)

The new town looks so big! It will take hours for Sims to walk it from one site to the other side. But there’s one thing I really don’t understand. There have been some other pictures of the town already, and they seem like a totally different ‘hood. Will there be more hoods than just the Sunset Valley? I’m really confused. If you know anything, please, let me know. 


New Hairs & Accessory by PeggyZone

You might have noticed that there were some changes made at Pegy’s site. She has a new layout and brings a bunch of free downloads. Visit her site and take a look around!

Jenny Strand Park by Sims Crossing

I’m sure there are some more park-lovers than me who will appreciate the new Jenny Strand Park available at Sims Crossing’s forums. Includes objects such as the photobooth or vending machines.

Maternity Outfits by Sims 2 Cri

Get ready for the big day with these maternity outfits. They look perfect for cold autumn days.

Tops & Bottoms for Females by XM Sims

I’ve always liked the skins at XM Sims and now one of the donation packs is free. Well, in my opinion, most of the people already have it (they either bought it or used MATY to download), but in case you still don’t, take a look at the bottoms and tops – you might find there something nice!

Chanel & McQueen Accessories Joc04 Designs

I think this is a comprehensive download for all fashionistas: new Chanel bags and Alexander McQueen’s scarf. Visit Joc04 Designs to download!

Into Blue by Milano Sims2

Milanosims2 updates with a set of 3 casual outfits. Visit the site for download!

Coffee Set Clutter by Easter Egg

There’s a bit of clutter for all you coffee addicts. I think the cups look pretty nice, but there’s more than that. Click here to see the whole set and download!

Ink Blue Casuals by Liana Sims

Liana has released a few skins from her latest donation pack. The ink blue color is always popular in summer, so you can’t really go wrong with it!


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