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Aquarium Wall Divider by Babbyebe Sims

This Aquarium by Babbyebe Sims is so thin, it looks just like a wall divider. You can find it in your catalog with the rest of the aquariums. I can’t wait to use this! Here is a direct link to the page, but please do visit the whole site – everything there is lovely!

Clothes and Faces by Around The Sims 3

This download is only for The Sims 3 How to install?

I have not played The Sims 3 yet but when I found this site I got shocked, I have seen some updates about Sims and CC of this new game but everything I see look so NORMAL and Random but then I found this Around The Sims 3 site and I cant wait to play the game. Maybe is about the graphics but I am totally in love of this site.

Bamboo Tiki Bar by cmomoney (MTS)

This download is only for The Sims 2 How to install?

Awesome for vacations or good home parties:

This set includes a bamboo tiki bar, barstools, serving tray, and of course, margaritas. The margaritas are now drinkable AND servable!

Although I’m not a “party animal”, I love sets like this one. But be aware of drinking too much or your Sims might get into trouble. ;) Read full instructions before installing. Download here.

Pandemonia’s Naming Mod

Tired of boring or ridiculous Maxis names for all your townies? Well, I’ll admit that this mod is likely to produce some ridiculous results (Like Symphony Hawk or Elvin Queen), it definitely won’t be boring!

While this list does have a bunch of Anglo-Saxon names, I also threw in Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Indian, Arabic, Hebrew/Biblical, French, Irish, German, Polish, Swedish/Dutch, Italian, Greek–pretty much everything you can possibly think of. You will get some funky combinations with this mod, so if you don’t like some of the things you get with the Maxis pool (like Solveig Chin), it probably isn’t for you. If you run an extremely multicultural neighborhood like I do, though, or at least enjoy out of the ordinary names, this will be more your speed.

Random male name sampling: Alejandro, Aleksei, Blaine, Caden, Chi, Dominique, Drake, Elijah, Ezra, Felix, Flynn, Ganesh, Ghalib, Hazael, Henri, Ignacio, Ichiro, James, Jean-Baptiste, Katsuya, Kelly, Leonid, Laurence, Malachi, Marcelino, Nash, Neelam, Oleg, Oliver, Primo, Pryderi, Qing, Quinton, Ramesh, Rei, Rowen, Shamus, Sidney, Terrell, Tobias, Ulrick, Urias, Viktor, Vincent, Wilhelm, Wynn, Xander, Xue, Yuri, Zachary

Random female name sampling: Alice, Ashanti, Beatrix, Bellona, Cassandra, Chai, Djamila, Dulcemara, Eira, Ekaterina, Fayruz, Fleur, Geneva, Giuliana, Hannelore, Hitome, Ianthe, Ingrid, Jacquelyn, Juanita, Kaylee, Kiran, Lady, Lieselotte, Magnolia, Muriel, Nereida, Noelle, Ophelia, Ourania, Penny, Priscilla, Qiu, Quinn, Reina, Roxie, Septima, Serafina, Tellulah, Tryphena, Umi, Ursula, Valentina, Victoire, Winnifred, Wren, Xanthe, Xiang, Yael, Yseult, Zafina, Zhi

Random surname sampling: Aoki, Archer, Baldwin, Bianchi, Castillo, Chennupati, De Luca, Delos Santos, Eldridge, Eriksson, Fontaine, Fujita, Giannopoulos, Gudavalli, Harper, Huang, Ingram, Isaacson, Jarvis, Jo, Kajashima, Kapoor, Lefevre, Liu, McFadden, Michaels, Nemeth, Novikov, O’Sullivan, Ortiz, Pelletier, Prochazka, Queen, Quincy, Rojas, Rubio, Salinas, Schneider, Serizawa, Sokolov, Summers, Szymanski, Tamm, Tucker, Underwood, Uthappa, Villalobos, Von Dageraad, Warren, Wisniewski, Xu, Yoon, Yoshida, Zhao, Zimmerman

This name list has over 2.5 million possible name combinations. If you get a repeat, I will be surprised. And horrified. Mostly horrified.

You can download it here!

Romantic / Country Bedroom by Simplan-X

Need a more romantic life? This bedroom will definitely bring some romance to your Sims’ lives and even relationships, I believe. Perfect also for countryside, comes in tons of colors.

The Sims 3 Downloads: Mango Sims’ Patterns, DH4Sims Recolors, Sims Crossing’s Lot

This download is only for The Sims 3 How to install?

Quick links for everyone:

Art Deco, Retro & Vintage Walls by Parsimonious

There are some new walls that you can find at Parsim: try the art deco, retro or vintage style. Yay for retro, lots of nice colorful flowers that will make your eyes pop! :)

Glow-in-the-Dark Stars by jgwhiteus (MTS)

Well, we may be out of new downloads, but there are always old treasures to discover! These I just rediscovered recently! I never downloaded them before because downloading and installing ceilings before Apartment Life was time consuming and just plain not fun. But now these are much more relevant! They’re by jgwhiteus at MTS!

Harmon Apartments by Sims Urbania

Mocha has created new apartment lot that is available at her forums (no need to register). Inspired by her own neighborhood, this redbrick block of flats can might just happen to be your Sims’s new home!

Accessory & Clothes for Females, Walls & Bathroom Recolors by Natural Sims

I’ve totally fell in love with the new accessory for females: the black laced gloves. There are also some new walls, bathroom recolors and chic outfits for females.


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