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Clothes and Faces by Around The Sims 3

This download is only for The Sims 3 How to install?

I have not played The Sims 3 yet but when I found this site I got shocked, I have seen some updates about Sims and CC of this new game but everything I see look so NORMAL and Random but then I found this Around The Sims 3 site and I cant wait to play the game. Maybe is about the graphics but I am totally in love of this site.

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Who knows how long it’ll be before I actually get the game, but I do know that Sandy’s site will be the first place I go for downloads. Everything looks fantastic.

By Fishie on 06.19.09 20:51

ewwww this is yucky!!

By bleck on 02.04.12 20:57

This stuff is alright. There’s definetly better downloads out there. This site doesn’t make my top 10.

By Ho-Hum on 03.20.12 20:16

hmm, The Exchange is better than this stuff!!. I know how to get the stuff I want and it’s free and better. Doesn’t even make my top 100000. It’s rubbish.

By jess on 11.03.12 22:20

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