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First The Sims 3 Hair Meshes by PeggyZone | UPDATED!

This download is only for The Sims 3 How to install?

Pegy must be very proud. She’s managed to make the first hair mesh as a default replacement and now she offeres new hair meshes for females and one even for males. I’m astonished! I didn’t suppose it would take so little time to create first meshes for The Sims 3. Also, no annoying recolors since now you can make them in the game.

I’m very curious when TSR will update their The Sims 3 Workshop program for making things such as furniture. Hopefully soon. And then I hope that many objects we had in The Sims 2 will be available for the new game. If so, the game will be a blast!

Check out everything here!

UPDATE: HystericalParoxysm at MST has made two new custom hairs, too:

Ahh, finally something “real” for TS3. Patterns and recolors are ok-ish, but this is something exciting. :)


  1. Spacy Cheese says:

    I read on the Sims 3 Forums that Peggy’s hair meshes actually replace some of the default Sims 3 hair…
    Do you know if this is still occurring?


  2. HannahSpring says:

    No, I haven’t had time to try the meshes out yet. But Peggy’s site gives out as much as info that the new meshes are fully custom and only the first one was a default replacement. So much confusness for the beginning, oh, there we go again.

  3. Violet says:

    I tried out the meshes and they work fine. (:

  4. sarah says:

    Thank heavens for this site coz I wouldnt have known about the peggys hair. the first one replaces that mohawk…but the other ones dont replace a thing. They are so gorgeous. Peggy does have talent

  5. moonprophecy says:

    Peggy’s hairs are so pretty. All my sim girls look almost the same because now i see more awful the ea hairs, so i use peggy’s. And yes, at least we can recolor freeely, not the ugly colors they did for ts2.

  6. Sarah says:

    The first hair replaces the mowhawk, I installed it and I went into the Sims 3 and it wasn’t there, I didn’t know that it replaces one, I looked back at the site and it said it replaces a hairstyle in the game. So I thought it was the bald one because i had a few hairstyles from Mod The Sims and the bald one was next to them, then the mowhawk was above it so I clicked it and I was like yay! It’s really nice :P

  7. gogogagaga says:

    very good, though get hair for macs not fair then it’d make people more happy.

  8. Nae Nae says:

    i have a question..i have did everythng i put the files that you download from the peggy website and i also put them in my mods folder and put the resources in the sims3 folder as told. but for some reason the hair wont show up at all..can someone plz help (IDK IF I AM DOING SOMETHN WRONG BUT I NEED SOME HELP, CUZ I WANNA GET DA HAIR CUZ IM TIRED OF THE SAME ORIGINAL HAIR ON THE GAME AND THE INSTALLED HAIR FROM THE SIMS3.COM WEBSITE IS ALL LAME..SO PLZ HELP
    THX U


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