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The Sims 3 Expansion Pack 7: First Hints

We only have Showtime released few days back but yet there are new rumors about next expansion pack. I love this!

Patch 1.32 has given some hints about what it’s going to be about: there should be werewolves, while potions, alchemy, fairies (remember this one having a slightly different posture in The Sims 2 Garden and Mansion Stuff?) and zombies are mentioned, too. Weather is a new possibility and I hope this time they bring it around.

You can read more about EP 7 at Mod The Sims, The Sims Resource and Sims VIP.


  1. Lopes says:

    Werewolfs? O.o I’m gona make my husband into a werewolf ^o^ and with the Zombies I’m going to create an Zombie apocalipse like my favourite series The Walking Dead, OMG can’t wait for this expansion pack

  2. sanket says:

    may be think it is showtime the last then next must be season or magic ep. season you know ACs, rain, winter, magic will have witches, warewolves, treeman, zombies.
    OR it may be the sims 3 outerspace expansion pack it will include majority of space like aliens and to travel on other planet etc.

  3. Aj Navarro says:

    It’s gonna be Spellbound and Seasons Collaboration….. And Hopeful that Bigfoot is in the EP :) and DISASTERS too!!!!!!


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