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The Socialite Career by Rspn99 at MTS

This download is only for The Sims 3 How to install?

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University Majors to Match all Maxis-Made Careers (Mod) by charleeheart (MTS2)

Now this download had to take tons of time to get done - charleeheart from MTS brings new University Majors that are based on Maxis-careers. Wow! University now brings never-ending possibilities!

The Plantsim Career by joninmobile (MTS2)

Don’t you think it’s a little weird when green people covered by leaves with elfish ears work as lawyers, architects, cooks… ? Worry no more – now they have a career made just for their race it’s the Plantsim Career!

Male job description: You rule the plantsim kingdom with Mother Nature by your side. Together you make an excellent team. All the plantsims in the kingdoms rejoice because they now have such wonderful magistrates!

Female job description: You rule the plantsim kingdom as Mother Nature. You make an excellent Nature Queen. All the plantsims in the kingdoms rejoice because they now have such a wonderful magistrate!

Fragrance Designer Career by DarinClark2004 (MTS2)

There’s a new great career for our Sims – The Fragrance Designer Career! If your Sims like to smell nice fragrances, let them do what they really love. The maximum sallary is §2,200.

Babysitting Career for Teens and Elders by EvilSuperStar (MTS2)

I’m very happy to let you know about new career for your teens and elders: babysitting! It seems like a lot of fun to me and also something a bit real and useful.

Three Harry Potter Careers by Julieryc (MTS2)

I’m sure this download will make happy a lot of you, I think, especially if you’re a Harry Potter fan. Julieryc has created three awesome Harry Potter careers. What a good idea, after all, witches are in the game already. :)

Job Seeking Noticeboard (A Helpful Mod!) by MogHughson (MTS2)

OMG, this the most useful mod ever! Don’t you just hate when you’re searching for a particular job and just can’t find it for days in the game? I do! And with all expansion packs, it happens so often! But worry no more my friends, here’s a solution: the Job Seeking Noticeboard! Just click on it and voilá – a job of your Sims’ dreams is there!

Vocational Education – Skills & Badges Trainer by Paladin’s Place

This is one of the most useful hacks I’ve seen lately. Paladin’s Place has created a new mod that will allow you teach other Sims gain new badges and skillpoints.

The Vocational Training Controller will allow a playable sim or their employees to train other sims in skills or badges. The instructor must possess the highest possible skill in a subject in order to be able to train others in it. With this object it is possible to create a vocational training institute in your town to give your citizens the job skills they need to compete in a global economy. You can find it under Business Facilitators here: Sims 2 Objects


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